Tickled Pink

"of a colour intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon."

Around the world the colour pink represents many things, including love, femininity and nurture. The colour pink lacks aggression and anger and therefore calms our emotional energies.


Most people associate pink with femininity, as well as newborn baby girls, while baby boys are represented by a light shade of blue. This wasn’t always the case, however, as early on, both boys and girls were outfitted in white, as white clothes were easily bleached if they got dirty. Additionally, it has been said that at one point the colours were reversed. Baby boys were represented by pink as it was seen as a stronger colour, while blue suited girls, as it was more delicate and dainty. The blue for boys and pink for girls association didn’t come about until clothing manufacturers and retailers decided on it in the 1940’s.


These days, there are many different shades of pink, all of which represent and are associated with different emotions.


Blush: blush is a very light shade of pink and has sexual and sensual connotations.

Rose Pink: this shade of pink is mature, intuitive, feminine and represents love and unity.

Salmon Pink: this shade of pink has a hint of orange and is seen as being a flirty colour.

Fuchsia: this deep pink represents confidence, assurance and maturity.

Hot Pink: hot pink represents passion and sensuality and also exudes warmth and happiness.


For all of you who are thinking pink, bedface offers three different shades of pink: Powder Pink, Electric Pink and Siesta Pink!


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