Introducing bedface

Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by, we are bedface.  We create the best damn sheets on the internet.

How do we do this? By offering you 24 colours of course. Yup that’s probably about 20 more than our competitors. And gone are the days where bedding has to match (unless you want it to). We let you mix and match any of our products to create your dream bed.

In order to create the best damn sheets, we start with the best damn fabric. That’s why we have developed our own proprietary facetech™ cotton. Designed with quality, breathability, comfort, and durability in mind, facetech™ only gets even more delicious with each wash and use. We are so confident that you will love our sheets, we back all of them with a 100 Night Guarantee.

Okay, so we’ve got colour and quality… what else? Have you ever noticed how shopping for bedding is a bit of a snore? Well here at bedface, we are all about making your shopping experience fun! We’ve created our own bed maker that lets you channel your inner designer to visualize your dream bed before you buy it. Add some sheep, change the background, have fun! Plus if you share it to social media, you’ll get free shipping.

bedface has also removed the unnecessary layers in the traditional bedding retail process, working with a few select makers. Through this we are able to pass the savings along to you, our customers. This enables us to offer amazing prices of complete queen sets at just $199 USD or $239 CAN. And did we mention that we can ship anywhere in the world in under a week?

So that’s it, great colors, amazing quality, fun experience, simplified supply chain, and awesome prices. bedface is the place for the best damn sheets on the internet.

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