How to fold a fitted sheet.

Folding a fitted sheet can be one of the most painful experiences ever. But if you learn how to master this task, you will keep your fitted sheets wrinkle-free, save on storage space, and be able to impress your roommates or partners with your amazing skills.

We’ve broken this process down into a 6-step, easy-to-follow guide so you too can master folding a fitted sheet.


1. Fresh out of the dryer, hold your fitted sheet length-wise (inside out) and locate the top two corners.
2. With one hand in each corner, bring your right hand to your left, grab the corner and flip the right corner of the sheet over the left. Adjust until the two are aligned. Both corners are now in your left hand.
3. Run your hand along the front-facing edge of the sheet. Pick up the third corner and the tuck first two corners inside (the third corner is inside-out).
4. Find the fourth corner and fold it over the others (the fourth corner is right-side out). 
5. Adjust the fitted sheet so that all corners are tucked into one another. This will form an “L-shape”.
6. Lay your fitted sheet on a flat surface. Square off the edges and fold in halves or thirds depending on the size of the sheet.
Tada, you have mastered how to fold a fitted sheet.

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