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For the Love of Sleep.

At Bedface, we believe that great sheets (and great sleep) shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why we are committed to changing the way you sleep by providing luxury quality sheets at fair prices.

Great Sleep, Simplified

By streamlining our processes and bypassing the middlemen, we deliver luxury bedding (and generous savings) straight to your door.






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Quality Materials

From yarn to cotton to the final finishings, quality is our top priority every step of the way. We guarantee that you’ll feel the Bedface difference every night you crawl into bed with us.

100% long staple cotton

Balanced yarn - combed to remove weak fibers

500 and 300 thread count options

The Sleepyheads of Bedface

We’re a group of dedicated people who work hard and sleep harder. We believe that restful nights are the key to living a full, healthy, and happy life. So, we promise to never sleep on our job of bringing you the best in bedding.



The Side Sleeper

General Manager


The Snuggler

Design Lead


The Pillow Hugger

Marketing Coordinator


The Toss-And-Turner

Digital Marketer
Our Background

Our Background

Bedface is the e-commerce brand of Redbrick - world-renowned as a leader in technology, software, and delivering value-driven products. Today, Redbrick is dedicated to spreading great sleep by providing best-in-class bedding at fair prices.

Join the Pillow Talk

Join the Pillow Talk

We love hearing from fellow Sleep Enthusiasts far and wide. Join the pillow talk at @bedfacesheets to start dreaming, beautifully.

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Products that Please

We make luxury sheets that are just right for every sleep type.

Percale Collection Percale Collection

Percale Collection

Lightweight, breathable, and crisp, our Percale Collection circulates airflow, keeping you comfortable year-round.

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Sateen Collection Sateen Collection

Sateen Collection

Our Sateen Collection is soft, smooth and perfect for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their nighttime routine.

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