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How to Care for Your Bedding: The Recipe for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

A Recipe For Your Best Night’s Sleep

Any time you make an investment, you should expect to see the return. Purchasing bedding is an investment in your health, happiness, and general well-being. That’s why we want to ensure your bedding is providing you with the luxury and comfort you deserve. Not only that, but we want those feelings and your sheets to last.

So, we’ve concocted the recipe for success; here are the steps to creating a perfect night’s sleep just by caring for your Bedface bedding!

Start by adding a pinch of softness.

Machine wash your Bedface sheets in warm water with like colors for a soft, durable feel.

Then, a touch of coziness.

Tumble dry your Bedface sheets for added coziness. Remove them from the dryer immediately for added warmth.

Add a dash of smoothness.

Iron your sheets on low after washing them for lusciously smooth and inviting sheets.

Finally, wash regularly, and sleep often.

Sleep is the secret ingredient to making this dish extra dreamy.